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Unfinished Thoughts Blog _ October 17

26th October

Music Perception and Inner Visions

I intended to carry on with the infinity and person definition idea from last month

But before that Im going to take a little discourse into the inner world and perception of sound

these thoughts came to me a few nights ago

I had a few days where i when to bed really early, at 7pm and slept for a good 12 hours

It felt really good for my brain after doing lots of music and really working the brain muscle hard

I spent the previous 10 hours working on a piece of music

Its an instrumental piece and it really opened up my imagination working on it to what had become possible

It was as if the different parts of the piece where really alive in my imagination

They each occupied their own space within the spatial sonic spectrum

Each having a certain presence, which harmonies and complimented the other

The idea of the piece has evolved over a few months

At the beginning the piece came out of some improvisations on the piano

Each of them on different days

Fragmented, it was hard to see how the individual pieces would sit together as one

So i didn't do anything about, just carried on playing them individually, listening to them and enjoying them

The challenge was to be able to bring them together into on piece which told a story

The narrative unfolded naturally during the recording sessions and the pieces seem to begin to make sense

I had in mind the narrative of 'Forgiveness'

Something which came to be a few weeks prior to the recording session

During a conversation i had with a group of people, we spoke about narrative

and somebody said that in todays world we don't have a 'narrative' for forgiveness

This really struck me, at the time i didn't respond but i knew i had to go away and think about it

I thought about the bible and how that seem to contain the narrative of forgiveness within it

Fragmented within the different chapters and texts,

I havent studied the bible and my knowledge of the biblical stories are limited

Yet i felt strongly this narrative which parts of ourselves today are seeking would lie within this ancient text

What i do know about the bible is that much of our modern western culture is founded upon

The biblical stories, much of our art, architecture, stories, law, and living conditions are founded upon these principles

I thought about the lords prayer and the sentence 'as we forgive those who trespass against us'

These where casual musings, i also thought that the 'great simplisties' a statement i heard from

Camille Paglia, referring to the lessons we have got from history

And it thought these great simplicities are themselves forgiving

They provide a certain 'grace' to that way in which can be forgiven for making mistakes

And gracefully move forward with the adventures of our lives

There is a loop in this track i have been work on which is me saying the phrase

'falling at four in the morning'

There was a time a few years ago where i would constantly wake up at 4 in the morning

I mean bang on 4.00am

every morning and i would get up and feel ready to work, like i really had a lot to do

I looked into this online reading from various, new age, dubious sources

They spoke about how 4.00am was sort of a witching hour

where the veil between this world and other world was the thinnest

There are also sightings from eastern cultures, for example in Japan or China

At 4.00am or sunrise people would be outside with the sunrise doing tai chi

To capture the highest point of the 'chi' which would come forth in the world at this time

This idea compelled me strongly, so i put the phrase in a track

Another element of the piece, at the beginning

there is this fragmented piano riff which gradually becomes a more cohesive melodic piano riff

The fragmented riff to me personified the initial or early struggle or resistance to firstly the idea of


This became part of the arrangement, fragmented parts, over time forming and becoming something whole

As the track reaches a crescendo

I thought yes, what a beautiful way to use music to create this mental imagery

listening to the piece, give me a sense of that, the fragments representing parts of ourselves

Lost, abandoned, banished or neglected which desire to come to the surface and form a greater wholeness

Which speak of something to do with the 'Physcie' and the fullness of human experience

Parrell to this narrative, was the idea of 'the first layer is the thickest'

Something to do with the protective 'ego' self, the persona, the hard layer, our shells so to speak

And as we go deeper into ourselves and our experience

The layers become thinner or easier to peel away to reach a softer more vulnerable part of ourself

The track would try to express that over time

The piece would transmute and evolve over time, gradually revealing this softer, serene layer within

I mean looking at it now, trying to express all these idea's in one was ambitious

You could write an whole album exploring these concepts on their own

maybe that is the beginning of something

But year for me to be able write this down now, gets it out my head and I can see it much clearer

The French composer 'Oliver Messiaen', he was a deeply religious man

He used to follow flocks of pigeons in parks and try to score them, as if the flock of birds would themselves

Create a piece of music, he believed that birds where angels themselves

Whether this is true or not is not the point I'm trying to make

But to express something of the inner world, to have a mind which contains thoughts like this

Speaks of your perception of reality, if your brain/body believes this, it has a totally different chemical

Response to the reality itself, resulting in a totally different experience

This idea makes me really think about truth and the nature of truth and how it is subjective to perspective and experience

I do not fully understand it, yet it tells me that truth has an allusive and mysterious nature

A curious one, which is fluid, responding to us or one in which we are responding to it

During the evening that the inspiration came to me to write this post

It was as if all of these thoughts existed at once, breaking them down bit by bit into a digestible blog post

is always a challenge for me

and this speaks something of harmony and inner vision

like in a symphony you have different instruments playing different parts at different times

Which when played together harmonies to create an experience of 'oneness'

Or totality, which is greater than the sum of the parts, yet completely and totally dependance on the

health or the contribution of the individual parts.

Music is really cool because it does this over time with small variations and changes which create this new

dimension to the experience of experiencing

That's where it differs from still image, yet still images does the same thing yet its a snap shot

-----here's something which changes the subject slightly which is quite interesting

The worst thing you could be as a human, arguably, is a photograph

A snapshot in time and remain as that, like a statue

We are way more like pieces of music or film than we are still images

Going to go into this further with more blog posts......

but yeah don't be a statue....... be a film or a score or a book Shot 2017-10-26 at 13_38_37.png