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A collection of works from Project S2di0,Meadow Lane,Nottingham 2012 - 2015, 'Remnants of a Vacuum'

build a door, walk through it, In a new suit

into a metaplace, the recording studio in my hat

Collect the water from a 'well' of emotions

like a trapeze artist without a safety net

the easiest way I could control things was to be the best

letting go was the only option

to resolve the tension between the two

two began before we could relate to it

you are the future of my form

A microscopic view of a mutating cell

Balance/Rise in Love from ProjectS2Di0 on Vimeo. Dry Riser (2015) - Have a Lovely Day from ProjectS2Di0 on Vimeo. Rich Curtains from ProjectS2Di0 on Vimeo. Symmetry Sounds Film from ProjectS2Di0 on Vimeo.