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whats the value of having a studio

It allows matter to transform

within a space

A constructed space built for purpose

The purpose of matter transforming

Which matter

which matter is relevant

which link in the chain which requires attention

Requires reforming

Requires restructuring

Requires repurposing

Requires love

Momentarily fit for purpose

Only to transform again

Yet for a constructed space to maintain itself and its purpose of transformation

Requires the illusion of structure, or concreteness

to uphold the precise moments for transformation to occur in the time and space of a given reality

An equation of perfect timing

human effort, mental presence and awareness, transforming parts, matter

concocted in a space

Matter shifts again

And the the matter of the highest priority wins attention for transformation

how do we decided which out of all the infinite matter is at the top of the hierarchy

Conciousness decides this fate

we are left with the remains and are directed by the light of the sun

to use all of our powers, all within our grasp of dimensional reality

Relavent conditions are decided volunarily or involuntarily

Either we will be forced to look or we will choose to look into the darkest area of the woods

The search continues and the light of awareness is our tourch which illuminates the darkness

and the subsequent transformations of that darkness

Within a space

the conditions can be chosen or force upon us by divine will or fate

Some are inevitable in this sense

Some are discourse to reach this inevitability

Whether hot or cold, heavy or light

ardous or easy, complex or simple

Parameters for transformation

Dimensions for the alchemical to occur Shot 2018-06-16 at 17_02_06.png