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31st December 2017

Unfinished thoughts

Last of 2017, I wanted to keep up the blog posts for good practice even though its late in the month

There is an interesting post in the works, a combination of some more complex ideas

The challenge of seeing if I could string them together was exciting, I will reserve them for early Jan

I found a short simple idea to talk about I thought would be make a good change

Although simple idea's are never really simple

This one leads on from the last post which ended with the idea of being lead by your unconscious

I thought about this motif from a slightly different angle

With all of this conscious thoughts I've been working through and discussing

The realisations, joining the dots, the uniting of opposites and analysing our experience as humans

Sometimes it can be arduous, heavy emotions are being processed

Sometime we don't have the mental capacity to think critically or objectively about them

And we may need to accept where we are in the journey

Appreciate the hurdles overcome, the growth and the people we have become in that process

Particularly this time of year, I have enjoyed some time away from work

Some time catching up on reading and projecting forward into the new year

The intelligence of the mind can often trick itself or fall in love with itself

To glorify itself, it put itself above others

Existing momentarily in an unconscious way can be so productive

More productive than being conscious or trying to control everything at all times

It can seem like an innocence or a playfulness, This could be a more advanced form of intelligence

Like a child that's nature is to simply to love others without an agenda

Within the natural flow it can seem to join the dots almost effortlessly

Conscious effort can appear to work against this natural flow or this what they call in china wu-wei

There are only so many things you can be conscious of at one time

There seems to be a mental bandwidth of thoughts which the mind to hold at one time

You know this only when you run out of the bandwidth

Or the thoughts or concepts are too big to hold in the mind alone, you must write them down

Some informations is stored in your memory for later recall when necessary

I really got excited with the idea of mantra's this month

And thought about doing a project around this idea

The idea of mantra's is so interesting because of the nature of the mind

As we know we jump from one reaction to another, thought to thought and throughout the day

We can cover so much of the landscape of experience

It can become difficult to remain grounded in whats are the most important things to you

And we can get so wrapped up in external happenings events, circumstances and scenarios

The brain seem to then make up stories and create imaginings which are so far from the truth

We slowly become entangled in webs of self deceptions

And our brains become masters of our realities

Our perceptions on life change

This is so prevalent in the digital age with the bombardment of information

And the work overloads so many of us have

The function of the mantra, works something like technology

To affirm the things you deem most important to yourself, back to yourself

And this certainly has an affect on what you perceive and choose to focus on consciously or subconsciously

What you focus on grows stronger

It's quite disarming when somebody is not self conscious

It can help you relax into the flow of being with them

As if they are at ease with themselves

At peace one could say

Without a big idea to purvey or a idea they wish desire to be an embodiment or a projection of

They just are there, present with you holding the space with you to be in

When somebody is too conscious of themselves its as if they have an agenda,

a plan which they wish to fit you inside of

It can be alarming, your subconscious seems to be able to percieve or detect it

Even though it is unseen

A good question to ask in light of all of this

Is what is it you are conscious off?

If you can only choose to focus on so much of the infinite

They say what you focus on grows stronger

The neural pathways of your thoughts, engrain themselves deeper

Become more patterned and I guess overtime become harder to untangle Shot 2017-12-25 at 13_00_25.png Shot 2017-12-25 at 12_55_26.png Shot 2017-12-15 at 15_54_47.png